… in retirement. OMG!

Now that I’m officially retired, I have time to pursue things that I really want to do! It’s a voyage of discovery, as you will find when it’s your turn. Having spent our whole careers, doing things we had to do, it’s a big jump to start doing things we get to do.

I taught coding to middle schoolers. And I loved my job. I loved coding, I loved middle schoolers (almost all the time), and I loved Minecraft, most of all. So here’s what I have disovered after a year of retirement —

My first inclination was to recreate my career. Just keep teaching cool stuff! And I spent half a year trying that with various levels of success. What I have discovered so far is this….

I actually never coded stuff, especially Minecraft. I didn’t play Minecraft, though I ran a Minecraft Club so kids could play it. And I did love enabling kids to do cool stuff with code and Minecraft. But I never had time to do it myself. Teachers will understand.

And so I’m discovering what I actually want to do. And surprise, I’ve found something that really engages me. I’m loving learning myself how to do some advanced coding stuff, all within the context of an RPG game that I’m building. Practitioners of Project-Based Learning will know that the best learning happens within the context of making something that means something to the learner. I’ve enabled that a million times in my career!

But now it’s my turn. And I am loving it! Stay tuned for more updates.