Me and the zine scene

Ready for a trip in the Wayback Machine, to see Young Bob at age 13 publish his first fanzine? I was hooked on fantasy and scifi as a kid. I mean, reading it. There wasn’t too much to watch back then (pre-Star Wars). Just to illustrate how hooked I was,… Continue reading

Somebody actually read my book!

I posted this on my socials but couldn’t resist talking about it on my digital garden. I’m teaching a course this week on coding and Minecraft. All the students are teachers who are learning more about computer science and how to teach it. One of my students had a copy… Continue reading

Next week is Minecraft week!

A whole week of Minecraft? Yes, indeed. I’m teaching a whole week for teachers on how to use Minecraft in their computer science classes! Not only helping CS teachers learn how to use it in their classes, having some serious play time, but even getting paid to do it. Kinda… Continue reading

Learning in Public Adventures

One thing that retirement offers for me is a chance to check out tech stuff that I can explore. Without having to teach it the next morning! I’m a recently retired computer science teacher and a lifelong leaner. I do love learning! It keeps me alive, keeps my brain active,… Continue reading

Hello, Buffer

What about this? This is a test of the org2blog interface. Can I write in emacs and publish seamlessly to my blog? Time will surely tell. If this works, look for more of a blog to explain what I’ve been up to. Let’s go and see what happens!

Roguelike learning

Since one of the goals of this digital garden is to learn in public, here is what I’m banging through right now. I’ve lately discovered roguelike games, particularly the venerable old Nethack. Just what I needed — another rabbit hole! But something about the ASCII art, the retro vibe, turn-based… Continue reading

Unfettered geekiness

Not sure exactly who reads this digital garden, if anybody, but if you’re not into coding geekery, this is your trigger warning. When I get all excited about geeky stuff and wax poetic, people either join me or stare at me and back away slowly. It’s always a reminder to… Continue reading

An Irving Christmas memory

I was probably about 13, so Brooke would have been 11, Sue 9. We had a tradition of going to Christmas Eve service at St. Mary’s, our Episcopal church in downtown Wayne. This particular Christmas was one of those magical ones where it actually snowed a lot! In fact, it… Continue reading

Mid-year musings — CS in Progressive Ed, pt. 1

I’m learning in public. Which means that I’m not doing the normal everything-is-awesome social media post. I’m trying to figure something out and navigate some tricky pedagogical terrain as a kind of newbie. Just a bit of backstory….. I was hired by a local independent school to teach computer science… Continue reading


I’ve written about how AI is going to change education here. But that was back when the AI bomb first detonated and incurred widespread panic in the education field. A year later, and we all know it’s here to stay and we can’t keep it out. And we need to… Continue reading