The Tribe, part 1

We somehow found each other, 5 unlikely comrades-in-arms, in 9th grade. And they were some of the deepest, most intense friendships I’ve had in my whole life. As only early adolescent relationships can be! Within a few months of meeting each other, we were able to finish each other’s sentences… Continue reading

Discovering the Dead

Better late than never! Not sure what actually got me going down the Grateful Dead rabbit hole, but here I am. If you know me, you know my two favorites musical genres are blues (old school Chicago style) and 60’s psychedelia. And even given that, I’ve never really gotten into… Continue reading

This is not a blog

It’s a digital garden. So it’s not highly polished, fully formed, long form thoughts. Just a place where I’m going to post stuff I’m thinking about, creations I’m considering, hobbies I love, and even some biographical stuff. In other words, just a bit of a brain dump/journal/hellothere kind of a… Continue reading

Hello world!

First post on my digital garden. A relaunch of my old site, focusing on my personal interests in retirement. So expect to see all kinds of stuff like blues, guitar, DnD, learning and teaching thoughts, Minecraft, coding, and baseball. And even some personal reflections and recollections!