Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s mostly my thoughts about teaching and learning, but I’ll also be adding some personal stuff as well, just because I always like to get to know the person behind the blog. So expect the occasional entry about blues music, guitar, baseball, steampunk, cyberpunk and any of my many other interests.

Here’s what I do for a living: I just transitioned to the Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC, where I teach middle school computer science. I love the “aha” moments where learning and technology intersect. Just about all schools says in their mission statements that they want to create “lifelong learners”; I’m one of them. ┬áMy career has included teaching every grade from beginning reading to grade 13 (back in the day in Ontario). I taught English and history for over 20 years before segueing into technology. I’ve been fascinated with computers since the Commodore PET, and yes I know that dated me! I went back to school to learn software development and “e-business”, just in time for the dotcom crash of 2000. So instead of transitioning to the tech field, I took my newfound skills and knowledge back into schools and have been busily combining them ever since.


My other main passion in life is the blues, specifically old-school Chicago blues and West Coast swing or jump blues. I play guitar at local jams and in our faculty blues band here at school. The highlight of this quest was playing at the jam at Buddy Guy’s Legends club in Chicago. That was the same day that I got to play a 1954 Strat, so I said that if I got hit by a bus the next day, I would die happy!

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  1. Hi bob, I saw your posts in the raspberry pi forum. I did the certification in mountain view this past spring and am also starting a new rasp pi lab in middle school and one for fourth fifth graders (ambitious) I love your curriculum posts. I did some good projects this summer in a rasp pi camp..about 16 participated and we got through LED and buttons, camera and tried PIR sensor. They didn’t work all that great and were overly sensitive despite my trying to modify the wheel…
    I have lots of questions and would love someone to talk with on a regular basis, rather than posting to a forum all the time. I got some sense hats and want to to weather based projects with science teacher related to weather prediction and data. I saw major tom looking at a data site for weather prediction and wondered if you were doing it as well?.

  2. Thanks for reaching out! I’d be more than happy to “chat” on a regular basis. That’s what I was looking for in my post on the RPi forum. I’ll email you!

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