Notes from a Commodore fanboy

Commodore_64_BoxI’m going to reveal my vintageness AND my fanboyishness all in one post! Man, I loved Commodore stuff back in the day. My first computer was the 64, and I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about that 40 character monitor, the 1541 disk drive, Commodore BASIC…

I then upgraded to a C128 cause it had an 80 character monitor (whoa!) plus CP/M, which had WordStar! That’s what I’m talking about! I vividly remember typing in lines and lines of code from Commodore Magazine and getting all googly eyed. I was fascinated with assembly language and subscribed to a magazine called the Transactor, which was chock full of articles about hex code, memory addresses. I pored over listings¬† as if they were long lost hieroglyphics which I was trying to decipher. Truth be told, I wasn’t really very good at it, but man I loved trying.

Just for fun, recently, I found an online archive of Transactor magazines, picked out one from 87 which looked familiar and started re-reading it. That familiar love of code and tech flooded back. You have to know that at the time, I was teaching English and history, not computer science, so …. Imagine my surprise when I read a letter to the editor from 1987 from me! Asking for advice on a programming environment that someone from the magazine had written and I had gotten on disk (5 1/4″).¬† I felt like I had gotten caught in a space/time continuum.

And here I am today, teaching computer science and following my love of code. So funny to see how far back this went in my life!

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