Kinect for Small Basic

kinectI’m drowning in coolness right now. If this works as advertised, it’s going to be a busy summer, what with learning more coding with Minecraft/Lua, Python/Pygame, and now this!

I already do Small Basic in my 8th grade class and have blogged about it here. Love turtles, intellisense, the logic of the language…. makes it a fabulous first texting language. Now if you add Kinect capabilities, look out.

I did note that “some” of the capabilities available in Visual Studio are not available in the SB version. Can’t find any list of what is missing just yet, and I’m hoping it’s not something critical.

I’m upgrading my school laptop early next week to Win 8.1, so I’ll have to wait till then to do some serious hacking, but woohoo.

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