First Arduino failure

Rank newbie that I am, I’m doing my very first experiment with Arduino, a breadboard, and a resistor. I used a tutorial from damboat on YouTube and tried to do what she said. It’s

photo (3)

supposed to fade the LED in and out. So I connected the wire from ground to breadboard, LED on breadboard, then resistor from breadboard to pin 9.
What happened? As you can see in picture, the LED lit up. But didn’t fade. I was afraid that maybe my resistor was the wrong value (it was 1K, if my calculations are correct). As I always tell my robotics students, we learn more from failure than success. So I’m learning a lot. Just haven’t learned how to make this work. So that’s my next step.en resistor from breadboard to pin 9 on Arduino. Then basically copied the code (link after the jump).

YouTube tutorial here.

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