CSS — Magic at work?

Cascading Style Sheets. I’ve just introduced the topic to my Digital Multimedia class (almost all 8th graders). The WOW moment? When I showed the CSS Zen Garden to them. If you haven’t visited the garden, you should. It’s a curated repository of incredibly creative CSS designs, all using the same HTML file. You can click on the names of designs and then have your head explode as a new design pops up. The styles range from old-school Japanese to emo to Halloween to retro to underwater to geek chic to …. well, you’ll just have to go take a look!

I’ve seen no better way to introduce the concept that structure (HTML) and style (CSS) should be kept separate. We spent the next 30 minutes exploring the over 200 designs that made the cut and even some that didn’t. The beauty of the site is that all of the authors have included their .css files for inspection (though not for copying), so we could see exactly how they accomplished their design magic. Next week, they dive in and see what they can do.

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