First impressions of Arduino

arduinoMy Arduino Uno from Adafruit arrived yesterday. What an awesome kit! Breadboards, circuit board, LED’s, power supplies, and way more. I found a great tutorial on YouTube (thanks, mjlorton!) which walked me through installation of software and device on my Windows 7 machine. Then I ran my first program in Processing, which made the LED flash on and off every second. Who knew a blinking light could be so exciting?

I’m pretty much an absolute newbie in electronics, but the Arduino is aimed at people like me, among others. The open source hardware concept really appeals to me, as does the MAKE philosophy that this lends itself to. It’s making technology fun again. I’m hoping to make this enthusiasm kind of viral here with my students with a view to helping them learn how to “hack” technology. Not in the bad way, of course, but in the way that they can take the tech apart, remix it, and make it their own. Let the revolution begin.


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