changeFollowup to yesterday’s post… I presented a little bit about the iPad in education after chatting with some of my edtech colleagues. Just a 5 minute song and dance. I stressed something our IT director said to me: it’s not about teaching with the iPad, it’s about teaching to the iPad. He explained that this device is not a way for teachers to do better what they’re already doing. It’s about students’ learning. We’ve had a pilot program going here for half a year or so, and that is something we’ve learned. So while we as teachers are learning about iPads and getting comfortable with them, the Big Question is…. what creative stuff can our students do with these that they couldn’t do before?

I talked about the multimedia creation possibilities, the walled garden of apps and workflow, and the sheer fun of “playing” with the iPad. Maybe it was just me, but I thought I sensed a seismic shift in thinking. We’ll see!

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