iPad 4 report

All of our faculty received iPad 4’s before the winter break. Today we have a middle school faculty meeting, and I plan on giving a bit of a tutorial on usage, good educational resources, as well as getting a sense of how people are doing with them.

As a longtime PC guy, I’m making my own adjustments. I have never taken sides in the religious war between Apple and PC. It’s just that every school I have worked in has been a PC (specifically a Thinkpad) school. I’m very comfortable with PC’s and have gotten so used to its quirks and shortcomings that they seem normal to me. But you can’t argue with the interface genius of Apple. And they have really taken it to a whole new level with the iPad and iPhone. The computer finally has gone mainstream.

So how bout this iPad? I’m a text-heavy user – – emails, blog posts, lesson plans, etc. The iPad is never going to replace a laptop for me. The keyboard just doesn’t work, partly because I’ve learned to type almost as fast as I think, and the iPad keyboard is OK for short bursts of writing — tweets, short emails,etc. Any industrial-strength text entry though (the thought of coding on an iPad fills me with a Nameless Dread), just isn’t practical at this point. So I am investigating keyboards. Typing this on an Apple wireless keyboard, actually. It’s quite nice, but I can see that portability would be a bit of a pain.

But the sheer appiness of the device, the swipiness…. that’s all a joy. Graphics quality — awesome. Battery life — outstanding. Cuteness — over the top.

We’ll see how my colleagues feel about it!


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