Class Constitution #2

We the people of Mr. Irving’s class, in order to form a more perfect History class, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility to ourselves and Mr. Irving to ordain, and establish this Constitution, the United Students of Mr. Irving’s B Block History class. These are our rules:

Everyone has a right to opinion and a vote

If Mr. Irving becomes destructive of these ends, we may complain to him and ask him to make changes to make our History class more enjoyable for the community at large

You can’t insult people or be annoying to them purposefully

Thou may not speak profanities

Mr. Irving chooses our tables and they must change once a month

Plagiarism and copying is illegal

Mr. Irving has the responsibility to foreshadow tests and put homework on Moodle and hand out study guides before the test

All devices shall be used for educational purposes only.

Every month, around the time when we get to change seats, we will be able to have a meeting to decide what rules need to be altered or changed. (This meeting can take a maximum of 1 class period).

If anyone does not follow these laws, Mr. Irving decides their consequence.

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