Why I still love teaching

I put the video below for several reasons. First, it’s Ted Greene, an amazing guitarist who is no longer with us. Second, he’s playing one of the loveliest melodies ever written. Third, he’s playing a telecaster (I own three)!

Even though Ted was basically a jazz guitarist, and that’s not my style, I can appreciate his artistry and skill. The truth is I’ll never be able to play a tenth as well as him.

But what really caught my eye was reading about his lifeĀ here on his website. Even though he was an amazing guitarist, he devoted his life to teaching and sharing his knowledge. He had a stream of students, from rank beginners to accomplished jazzbos visiting him in his apartment. If you watch a video of one of his lessons, you can see the excitement he has in the material itself and the joy of trying to get it across to someone.

Which made me think about my career. And that joy is what keeps me going. I love teaching. All kinds of things. At this stage of my career, many teachers have moved into administration, or become consultants, or just retired. But I still love the classroom. It’s not too glamorous, but I’m happy to have an opportunity to affect lives by sharing my enthusiasm.

And now enjoy Ted Greene:



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2 thoughts on “Why I still love teaching

  1. and this is why you are one of the best teachers i’ve ever had (yearbook, history 12, yup, i did take that course with you, at that time i barely spoke any English though~). Thank you, Mr. Irving! =)

  2. And this is why you’re on my list of Fave Students Ever. I’m glad to see you’re a teacher, and your students are lucky to have you!

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